Department of Informatics and Mechanical Engineering

Department of Informatics and Mechanical Engineering

 Department of Informatics and Mechanical Engineering aims to produce engineers who have acquired professional knowledge and technical skills in the three fields of information engineering as the main field, then after understanding mechanical engineering, and electrical and electronic engineering as the bridge between these three fields.

 At the early years, they study the basic engineering and technical common base of the three fields as well as programming. At the late years, an custom-made style curriculum is provided to decide their own “expertise” and “intention” in accordance with their individualities. The students belong to PBL (Project Based Learning) team to solve regional issues from the first college year, and are trained to be practical engineers who not only study in their classrooms but also can suggest its techinical solution while understanding their regional indstries and culture. Besides, a various levels of overseas programs will be provided to develop global human resources.

※The engineering departments( Electronic Mechanical Engineering Department and Information and Control Engineering Department) were reorganized in 2019, and as a result, two departments of Maritime Technology Department and Department of Informatics and Mechanical Engineering are organized in place of the previous three departments since April of 2019. 


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